24 juin 2006

Comment ne pas s'emmerder en devoir d'anglais

Des fois en cour j'me fait chier ... alors voila :

Write a text at least 12 lines about a dream

    I think i don't have any dream. But there are some thing i would like to do. I dream of universal peace and giant marshmallows wich fall from the sky. I think it would be great if all the people of the world spoke french and i don't have to learn english but unfortunately i have to learn it. So i have to invent some dreams in my english test. I will create a new dream :
I dream of a world where all the nuts are free and can run everywhere and everynight. They will dance together around a man called Ben. It's the dance of Ben and nuts...
So i have made my joke and i'm happy. In reality i dream of a world where all the people can dream.

Ce trip m'a valu une grosse caisse mais en attendant j'me suis pas fait chier ...